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solving accounts receivable needs...

Jena Mae can quickly take over the management of your existing student billing and collection accounts. A seamless process for the smooth transfer of your existing student accounts to Jean Mae is just a phone call away. You may transfer your current accounts to us as hard copies or as electronic files, and then watch your monthly receivable dollars grow!

We will work closely with each client to customize payment options that will enhance service and collection rates and increase your cash flow! While Jena Mae facilitates the acquisition of new students by providing customized tuition financing options, the collection arm of Jena Mae; ACS (Approved Credit Solutions), will work hard to maximize the return from your accounts that have become difficult to collect. Our competitive advantage is the result of care and diligence invested in our servicing operations to keep students current…and out of collections! Jena Mae makes the time consuming task of student financing fast and simple!

Jena Mae Financial is a full service tuition financing company that will…

If Improved Cash Flow Is Needed, Jena Mae Is Here To Help!