School Services

solving accounts receivable needs...

Jena Mae understand that you may receive tuition funding from various sources for enrolling students, but almost 100% of the schools we speak to tell us that they turn away many potential students due to the students inability to cover the cost of tuition at the time of enrollment. When those potential students walk out the door, your profits leave with them!

Jena Mae Financial will turn those unsuccessful candidates into paying students and those empty classroom seats into profit dollars. A performing tuition receivable portfolio translates to substantial monthly income that will be there month after month – year after year! That is money you can count on regardless of fluctuations in future enrollments! Our goal... our only goal is to increase your enrollments and your revenue by making it possible for you as a school owner or director to fill all available classroom seats with paying students. We do this by providing a unique book of services that sets Jena Mae apart from all other student lending sources. Here are just a few of the many services Jean Mae will provide for you.

Convert 100% of your prospects to Paying Students

You focus on student acquisition and retention…Jena Mae will provide expert receivable management and improved cash flow to facilitate your growth!